thc18 - 23%
yield indoor500 - 750 GR/M2
yield outdoor70 - 350 GR/PLANT
height indoor120 - 160cm
mixSativa 63%, Indica 35.5%, Ruderalis 1.5%
effectEuphoric, Mood Enhancing
tastingOrange Fruit, Sugar Candy
flowering9 Weeks from Seed


Candied Satsuma is a lush and tasty, high-yielding, auto-flowering strain that is a credit to her Thai and Russian family roots. It has taken us many years to settle this advanced genetic into her new home at Yieldmonger but it has been worth every minute. Candied Satsuma is now a beacon of the Yieldmonger auto-flowering family. 

A rather large auto-flowering strain that when finished packs immense flavours of orange fruit and sugar candy. The high that this awesome strain delivers is both euphoric and relaxing, making her a real mood enhancer that doesn’t cloud your judgment We rate Candied Satsuma as a desert island strain, for sure.