yield indoor400 - 600 GR/M2
yield outdoor40 - 150 GR/PLANT
height indoor50 - 100 CM
mixSativa 13.6%, Indica 83%, Ruderalis 3.4%
effectProblem Solving
tastingSweet Sugary, Caramel
flowering7 - 8 Weeks from Seed


Fat Caramel is a bang-up-to-date automatic mass harvest satisfier that has proven very popular with commercial gardeners looking for big quantities of quality. 

She is noted for her distinct caramel taste which overwhelms the taste buds with waves of absolute sweet sugary heaven. 

Fat Caramel exhibits very densely packed sticky buds that are heavy, aromatic, and pungent, she is of absolute top quality. Her ingenious breeding has set a new standard for what can be expected from an auto-flowering strain. She holds the record for flipping the most amount of established photoperiod growers over to her auto-flowering ways. 

When Fat Caramel’s finished, she is beautiful, strong, tasty, resinous, and indistinguishable from many photoperiod strains.