yield indoor400 - 450 GR/M2
yield outdoor100 - 150 GR/PLANT
height indoor60 - 160 CM
geneticsMimosa x Orangeade
mixSativa 65% Indica 30% Ruderalis 5%
effectEuphoric, Satisfying
tastingCitrus, Diesel
flowering9 - 10 Weeks from Seed

Mega Bucks Auto is a celebration of speed, size and flavour. 

Breeding the modern classic mimosa with orangeade has paved the way for this mega strain which has quite simply amazed us. Her performance excels on every level and certainly puts her on the top shelf for flavour chasers. 

The taste of Mega Bucks Auto is a wonderful mix of fresh lemon, orange and lime which has proved to be an absolute favourite with many a connoisseur time and time again. The effects of this strain are a real treat to experience and compliment many day to day tasks being both euphoric and very satisfying. 

Mega Bucks Auto is a fast finisher having a 10 week life cycle with 7-8 weeks flowering. If your looking for a truly immense strain then choose Mega Bucks Auto, she won’t let you down.